About Us

T O J A     F A S H I O N

Nusha Blaszczyk was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan had spent about a decade of her life in Pakistan. After moving to the US, Nusha was able to develop a distinctive style that is often a combination of her past experience living in three virtually different worlds. The clash of cultures, religions, traditions and lifestyles has helped Nusha to perceive and single out the best of them all and turned her work into a perfect and unique mélange.
Exclusive and rich fabrics, subtle colors and graceful, often simple designs help emphasize feminine beauty and sexuality through taste and elegance.

T O J A    P H O T O G R A P H Y

Chris Blaszczyk started his adventure with photography at the turn of the century, after buying a medium format camera at a bargain price. He noticed that the photographs he likes most do not typically follow standard rules of photography, so he spent some time learning these rules and then decided to try to break them and still make them look good. He likes challenge and always tries new things. His favorite subjects are: Portraits, Fashion, street Photography and Landscape (long exposure and Infrared especially). Hope you will enjoy the gallery. If you are interested in purchasing any of his works, please do not hesitate to contact Chris via the contact page.